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01-14-2004, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by FunkyChicken
Assuming thats Van's 1st here's how it breaks down.

Vancouver - Wins hand down in this trade since Tucker is about equal to Ohlund in value while York is worth far more than a late 1st rounder.
In: Tucker, York
Out: Ohlund, 1st (likely 25-28th overall range)

Summary - Canucks would have to send another forward (Cooke???) to the Leafs. Not sure if the Canucks have the depth on d to loose Ohlund without a d in return either.
I don't see hows its a hands hands down win? II'd rather have Cooke than Tucker, especially taking salary and attitude into considerate. What does that make it, Ohlund and a 1st for York? Ouch ouch ouch. I wouldn't give up Ohlund alone for Tucker and York, let alone throw in a #1 and Cooke.

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