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09-08-2013, 11:17 AM
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I'm assuming any contract offered would be under the range where he would be any Cap liability if in the AHL and he would, as others have stated, be a depth call up if needed and a mentor and AHL player if not needed.

While that is all well and good... is he worth a Contract Slot? I believe that might be the last... or at the very least one of a precious few... Does that mean Homer may be somehow moving contracts for low future picks to needy Organizations?

FWIW, I liked Gill in the past and wanted him in for what he did back a couple/few seasons... what does he have left besides great size and much experience... is there gas in the tank to play AHL season and limited minutes in a call up? Can he still do the job?... I imagine the TryOut will answer some of that. Nothing to lose in window-shopping I suppose.

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