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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
You liked Kessy hey? Dime a dozen thug with no talent. My own preference being the league and hockey move away from players like this.
Yeah I know, I know, you hate fighting but when Gagner does it he is brave and captain material.

Again, if you could see any of this in relation to another player we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. I just think its odd how quickly you can think a player is going to have a solid NHL career on the basis of two games, getting a few chances, going 0-0-0, and being -4. I think what set me off tbh is years of frustration with the club and people going off about a player like he's a ringer or something in the midst of him, and the entire team taking it on the chin. It was a hopeless couple of outings and I don't think its hard to see nobody in that milieu should be singled out for easy praise.
It's a team game, it's not his fault that his team as a whole is struggling. No points = bust, really? I guess that's all she wrote folks, time to trade Marco for a bag of Old Dutch and a Molson Canadian bottle cap because Replacement has spoken.

He's 19 in weeks, small player, limited offensive skill around the net, not much of a goal scorer, not much hockey sense in traffic, I've seen this nature of player so many times. As with anything calls are probability based. I say the kid doesn't have an NHL future. Pretty much what I see with that. You seem to think with some poundage he'll have a "solid NHL career"
You know it really is too bad that you didn't watch him before we drafted him, you could've saved our team wasting a 2nd round pick on him.

Guess what side probability lines up on? I would bet on this easy and win. Taking candy.
Bookmark this post and bump it in 5 years then if you are certain that he won't be an NHLer, that'll show me.

Funny you referenced Teubert. That was the bust I called a couple of years back after seeing preseason games. afairc you thought he was going to have quite a career. But thats your take with any middling prospect with a pulse.
IIRC you called him a bust after the rookie camp (LONG before this tournament) because you didn't like the way that he made a Lasagna or some ridiculous **** along those lines. Any which way, we've got you down for Klefbom being a bust, Roy being a bust, and Kessy being a bust, any others that you'd like to add on for the record?

Originally Posted by ZedenoCiger View Post
That fight was awesome. Was sitting right there up against the glass and the jets guy, I think his name was Daley?, got at least 3 teeth knocked out. Literally the teeth went flying through the air. My kids thought that was quite something.
Nice to know that Bilke has that kind of pop with his non dominant hand, I'd be fine signing this kid, he can move decent enough for his player type and maybe in time he could be 6'2" and about 230-235lbs. and a handful for all but the biggest of heavyweights.

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