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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
Yeah I know, I know, you hate fighting but when Gagner does it he is brave and captain material.
The org brings in any number of these guys and it never changes anything. See Eager, see Brown etc. Plus we wasted countless picks through the years on big bodies. See the 90's. Guys like this with no skill do absolutely nothing for your club. I'm not responsible for that, just describing the water. Why do you think I always like Raffi Torres? Guy could actually play hockey, contribute, and put fear into the opposition on ice. Far as Gagner fighting, pass, stupid thing to do.

It's a team game, it's not his fault that his team as a whole is struggling. No points = bust, really? I guess that's all she wrote folks, time to trade Marco for a bag of Old Dutch and a Molson Canadian bottle cap because Replacement has spoken.
No, probability. Given this clubs draft record outside of a few players everything drafted after high first round is complete junk. Could really say that over the last twenty years. You watch an Oilers prospect club and somehow see half a dozen bonafide solid NHLers on it. I see 1 or 2 if that. Been this way for as long as we've both been posting here. The Oilers are generally ****** at drafting beyond round 1. Safest bet out there is anything after round 1 is a bust if it smells like an oilers prospect.

You know it really is too bad that you didn't watch him before we drafted him, you could've saved our team wasting a 2nd round pick on him.
Well this club loves wasting picks so could be that or I'm out to lunch. How's Moroz doing? Another bust. Although can't really call it that because he was nothing in the first place.

Bookmark this post and bump it in 5 years then if you are certain that he won't be an NHLer, that'll show me.
Well no, it never will because frankly you never learn either. 10 yrs later you'll still be found trumping middling Oiler draft picks here that will amount to nothing and calling them solid future NHL players on the basis of nothing. Its not like this its any new thing. hell, in another thread your waxing on about Platzers shot (sp). Means nothing, the guy got 5 goals last year. It was an atypical snipe. Anybody that has played hockey competitively knows that once in awhile you get a good one away and everything on it. Doesn't mean you have much of a shot if you can't replicate it consistently.

IIRC you called him a bust after the rookie camp (LONG before this tournament) because you didn't like the way that he made a Lasagna or some ridiculous **** along those lines. Any which way, we've got you down for Klefbom being a bust, Roy being a bust, and Kessy being a bust, any others that you'd like to add on for the record?
lol. You know the Teubert thing. We were having the same conversation right at the time that Teubert was getting his lights knocked senseless in a meaningless fight that was ill advised.
As far as others was I wrong on any of Brule, Omark, Belanger, Eager, Brown, Moroz, Stortini, Peckham or any other number of guys that I've called useless? We all have our views and players we like, dislike. The key is detecting what a player will be able to bring to an NHL lineup.

Nice to know that Bilke has that kind of pop with his non dominant hand, I'd be fine signing this kid, he can move decent enough for his player type and maybe in time he could be 6'2" and about 230-235lbs. and a handful for all but the biggest of heavyweights.
One thinks you'd reinvent an Oilers lineup with 5 drooling heavyweights all jumping over benches looking for fights in the OK corral. Pass. The dinosaur game has passed by. No neanderthals need apply. If you can't play hockey you're no use in the NHL in any capacity.

Glad your not in charge and you've been wrong on literally every hockey player since Schremp. Frankly I don't remember when you've ever been right.

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