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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Really? I couldn't disagree more. The amount of type plays called with a 5 yard out when we need 12 are too many to list. Most of Mike Reilly's success at running is when he's escaping the rush and fleeing for his life. Too many successful pass plays have been as a result of our receivers making tremendous catches in traffic or an opposition player falling down. I've hardly ever seen a play this year where our receivers are not covered like a blanket due to unimaginative play calling. Last game, for example, they called a simple out to White which was successful the first time. It became less and less successful each time they went back to the well and tried it, until finally it went for a loss or was broken up. There were no other plays made based off of that play and no adjustments. Since he's been called out on our short yardage fiasco, we are 1 for 1. A small sample size for sure, but the continual predictable and useless Kerry Joseph sweeps were getting too much even for our normally tight lipped GM. And for one night at least, we did the proper thing and bull dozed the ball in, like every other team does.

And as has been stated, much of what limited success we've had, has come when Reilly started calling his own plays. That is a pretty damming situation for an OC that you think is wonderful.
Already reconsidered after Kyles excellent post. I can see it both ways. Theres plays that work and don't work. In the Macciocia era there was a lot of plays that don't work. I guess its been so long I kinda get used to the garbage play calling.

ps I don't know that it was Reilly calling his own plays late in the Calgary game. Could be, but nobody really knows. You can't judge much anyway when the opponent is 5 scores ahead and in a prevent D and not bringing it.

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