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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
IIRC you called him a bust after the rookie camp (LONG before this tournament) because you didn't like the way that he made a Lasagna or some ridiculous **** along those lines.
Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
You were writing off Teubert because of a ****ing cooking video on, of all of the ridiculous reasons that I've heard for people to label someone a bust or a non bust that one takes the cake (maybe his cake making got you hot under the collar?). Oh damn, the way that he cracked those eggs and made the cake mix has got me STEAMING MAD!

Lord knows I like to bicker with Replacement as much as the next guy, but my memory is that Replacement and a few others (me included) called Teubert a loudmouth, brainless dovchebag after watching him show his "leadership" qualities in a few behind-the-scenes features. Nothing to with his hockey skills one way or another, really. As for predicting he'd bust, most of his detractors didn't so much predict he would bust as point out that as far as LA was concerned, he already HAD busted when we traded for him, being a regular healthy scratch on their ECHL affiliate at the time. His play at the Young Stars tourney just confirmed this.

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