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Originally Posted by bucks_oil View Post
Well alright, since you asked:

Niemi: has gone on from his cup run to be in the top ten in SPCT in the years since. He is a solid, solid goalie, would need to string several more seasons together to convince me to use "elite" if we're talking about career, but he's clearly in the conversation for "Top 10" based on recent performance.

Crawford: This one surprises me a little. I don't like his style, and I've seen the Oilers light him up, so I'm very biased. So I don't like the idea of calling him Elite... that said: in his 3 seasons in the NHL he has accomplished: rookie all-star team, top 10 GAA in 2 out of his first 3 seasons, a Jennings trophy, a top ten SPCT season, a career SPCT of 0.913, a playoff SPCT of 0.924, and an invite to play for team Canada. I'm reaching the point where I may have to let his actual performance quell my own biases.

Fleury: Is a headcase for sure... overpaid... but when he's on, he's (IMO) a top-ten goalie in the league. I was at the Joe Louis for game 7... he stole that game and won that cup for his team. To my point... he was providing elite goaltending when they won the cup.

Thomas: as previously elaborated, it was a mistake to suggest he was not an elite goalie.
Maybe we have different definitions of elite.
I'm willing to concede I was wrong about Thomas, you're right, he was an elite goalie.
But there is no way you're convincing me that Corey Crawford, MAF, or Anton Niemi are elite goalies. Sure, they're solid NHL starters, but elite? I'm talking about the upper 1%ers, maybe "elite" just gets tossed around too willie nillie.

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