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01-14-2004, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by capn89
See the attached. I don't believe in Esche, because he's really no different than any other goalie to pass through philly... he was mediocre to horrible in phoenix, and "suddenly got good" in philly? It's because Philly is a better team, with better defense, and that affects goalie statistics.
He was never mediocre to horrible. He is young, and young goalies improve season to season. His stats have shown steady improvement as he gets more experience in the league. Most young goalies (with one or two exceptions like Brodeur) start out this way. Honestly, there is nothing to be unhappy with in his developement. Go look up the stats of a goalie like Theodore or Giguere. They stunk their first few seasons as well. Guys like Brodeur, who start off at a high level right away are by far the exception. I'm not saying that Esche will be an elite goalie, but I think he is already good enough to be considered an average starter, and he continues to improve.

If you havent noticed, our defensive play has been terrible lately. Our players are getting outworked, we arent collapsing very well, we arent clearing the porch, we have been giving the puck away constantly, we are allowing odd man rushes (something we almost never did last season), we arent blocking many shots, etc. I think the play of the team lately should dispell this notion that any goalie that comes into Philly is suddenly going to put up mind blowing numbers. Right now, our defense is at best average.

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