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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
This simply isnt true. Many people were vehemently against him before he even moved into his office. As far as Ed goes, his record speaks for itself. 1-9. Worst record in recent memory, perhaps maybe even ever after ten games. Didnt address the return game, didnt solve the porous offensive line, managed to downgrade our defense, brought in yet another kicker who cant kick, and extended a head coach whose poor decision making has cost us at least four games.

It doesnt get any worse than that.
I referred to him as having been somewhat "lame duck" to date in my earlier post, so don't misread me as being an Ed Hervey advocate.

But the facts that the on-field results aren't (yet?) there, and that many were "vehemently against" his hiring in the first place don't serve to distinguish him from his predecessor who'd been granted more than half a season to determine what he can bring to the equation. I'm not saying give Eddie the same length of tenure. Only that I believe it's too early to fire him.

I'm there too, enduring the losing outcomes and the brutal LRT waits. But imo, the closeness of the results themselves are more indicative of a lack of execution than personnel issues.

I can see Kavis answering for the debacle before Hervey. And I'm not sure that this will be happening before season's end.

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