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09-08-2013, 07:26 PM
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The Newer OT Thread - Earthquake Edition

Maybe I can save some other people from making the same mistake of switching to the lower quality Telus TV. The free gifts and the offer to save money is really tempting.

Aside form issues with the Sales team who completely BS'ed me about the amount of disruption (ie...drilling into walls...running cables through the house)....when they told me the Telus tech simply has to plug my new modem into the wall and I would be good to go. It was the quality of the signal that was the main issue.

I didnt know that my 1080i signal would be replaced with the inferior 720p until after 4 hours of drilling into walls and floors to run cables so the Tech could connect my "new and improved" receiver. So that done we fired everything up and I immediately flip to the HD channels while the tech was still there and I mentioned to him that the picture didnt look as high quality as I was used to on Shaw. The Tech said it must be the TV and he picks up the remote and starts screwing around with the video settings. That didnt really help all that much so he suggested that I should play around with the settings until I was happy with the picture quality and he left.

It took me about 15 minutes of trying to fix what he screwed up to realize that the fault was not my TV at was their signal.
No 1080i HD channels at all...only 720p.

So I call Telus and they say that they are both HD signals and there is no discernible difference to most people. The difference was very clear to me and completely unacceptable.
What also became clear to me is why Telus is offering free stuff and great prices to switch to their service...they need to do that to compensate for the crappy picture quality.
I cancelled the service after only a couple of hours of having it.

I have to say that entire Telus experience was an absolute waste of time. Although I will say that Telus was very good about cancelling the service which leads me to think that I am not the first person to have this experience.

So for anyone tempted by the free stuff and savings that Telus is offering dont really isnt worth it.
Unless of course you aren't that concerned about losing the detail quality of the 1080i signal.

My Shaw and tell them about what Telus is offering...they will review your account and offer you some savings on your existing service.

I did that and saved about 40% and still have the superior picture quality.
So in the end it all worked out for me but maybe I can save somebody the half a day of missing work and everything that went along with it.
Stay with Shaw.

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