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09-08-2013, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
The Rangers didn't really have many goaltending holes during the dark years. We had Richter, a lull, and Dunham. It was the rest of the team that was the problem.

Also, Biron didn't lose the confidence of the coaches. They made a calculated choice regarding Lundqvist, whose play wasn't at it's best at the beginning of the year, to keep playing him to get him out of his funk. By the time he did, we were into the stretch and Biron wasn't ever going to play then anyway. On top of that, Lundqvist still played less games last season, including playoffs, than he would have in a normal regular season. He didn't need the rest Biron is there to provide.

Anyway, as for drafting goalies. The Rangers drafted a goalie in the 2nd round a few years back. It turned out to be a terrible idea. I've looked at the numbers on this. Less than half the starting goalies in the league were drafted in the first two rounds. As many starting goalies were undrafted as were first rounders. And besides, Skapski is 19 years old. I'm pretty sure Lundqvist would have gotten lit up in this tournament too at age 19.

Bro by that time richter was shot 2 acl tears and the concussions. Your next best goalie u named was mike Dunham. A career backup. Case closed

Goaltending was a problem from the days richters knees gave out till the day hank arrived. That's not even debatable.

The rest will all due respect is just inaccurate or silly. Half the players in the league are not 2nd or 1st rounders but the best are for the most part.

And many stsrting goalies weren't even drafted? Just completely not accurate. This is like Fox News reporting here. The Tim Thomas' of the world are rare as are the lundqvists and rinnes

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