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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
I hate to pull a Dan Tencer and "blame" the fans but the fans at Commonwealth have been pretty awful for a few years now. Cheering and yelling when the Eskimos are on offense and complete silence when the team is on defense. It's sad.

Look at these Bombers fans. Loud and proud when their team is on defense and needs a stop. What happened to Edmonton football fans? I'm not sure if I can lay the blame solely on Maciocia and Tillman either. Bombers fans have had to deal with a lot of bad teams and heartbreak as well.

Flag ship franchise of the CFL? Hah. Bombers fans and Riders fans are by FAR the best fans in the league.
At kickoff Friday night, it was DEAD. There were plays that evoked no reaction whatsoever from whole sections. Crazy. Disillusioned and anticipating the worst. This is the outcome, I suppose from too many back-to-back months of mediocrity. You can't draw the same comparison, bu how is it that Indy can suck so bad one year, and within 2 years be respectable again? In ALL sports, we've been blowing for far too long, and you can't blame the fans for their lack of enthusiasm. Too many kicks...

And it can't help that we'd had a sense of entitled expectation for victory for as long as we did, with everything we used to touch having turned to gold.

But anyone still referring the the Eskimos as the league's "flagship franchise" needs to get off the crack. That era ended long before the Ray trade, unlike how some will suggest.
Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I think most people would be fine giving Hervey another year if he'd fired Reed a month ago when the season could still have been saved. Instead he chose to sit there watching Kavis blow multiple games one after another and did nothing. When you put friendships ahead of winning it's time to walk the plank yourself.
Kavis has made too many bone-headed decisions, and the fact that he's been open to be held accountable for them has run its course. I agree that the friendship bond serves as the anchor here, and that the proper course of action some time ago would have been an exit for Reed rather than an extension. Hervey missed it, and has set us up for another batch of brutal football by season's end. But for right or wrong, he'll be the GM for next year and we'll see what state we're in then, post-Reed.

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