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Originally Posted by Harky121 View Post
Ok first of all goaltending did not matter for the knights barrie had to good of shots for your goalies that's all and our goalie was the best in the ohl by far its just horvat got a lucky goal that's all and that the only reson why he got drafted in the first round, scheifele doubled his point in the playoffs. The only reason why you guys won game seven is because you gave scheifele a concussion from a typical unfair hit from you guys which knocked him out for the rest of the season and in game 5 Griffith was a ***** on that camara hit they were both going for the puck and camara even tried to miss him and Griffith falls on the ground and pretends he's hurt and gets right back up when he realizes its a penalty which I knew was going to happen because he plays for the knights. That pretty much ended it for Barrie because their two best players were done for the season which basically ment the colts season was done and mind you they were a cm off from beating you guys anyway. You guys literally picked a bender for your first round import draft pick lol.I'm just warning you guys Barrie's gonna have a really good team and I would be afraid if I were you guys colts are gonna win the ohl.NA NA NA NA areaknights makes no sense
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