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09-08-2013, 08:49 PM
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Maybe we have different definitions of elite.
I'm willing to concede I was wrong about Thomas, you're right, he was an elite goalie.
But there is no way you're convincing me that Corey Crawford, MAF, or Anton Niemi are elite goalies. Sure, they're solid NHL starters, but elite? I'm talking about the upper 1%ers, maybe "elite" just gets tossed around too willie nillie.
No... I don't think I disagree with you on the definition of elite. *but*... where I think we're differing is on whether you need elite goaltending to win the cup.

I maintain that you DO. But you only need it for what... 16 of 20-25 games? So you don't need a consistently elite goaltender, I can agree to that... but the guy has to be playing elite that season... or at least that post season.

Think about Roloson. He was playing ABSOLUTELY ELITE in 2006. It is difficult to imagine ANY goaltender, including his HOF contemporaries playing better. Was Roloson typically and consistently an cap E elite goaltender? No... but he'd proven capable of it in stretches, and it turned out that Lowe was right in his bet that he could provide it in the pressure of the playoffs.

I think the same could be said for those other three names (to a degree)... especially Crawford. I still don't know how that guy could play so well, his 5-hole is always open... but he's converting this doubter as he is with Hockey Canada.

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