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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
At times they are guilty of trying to relive the glory days & overvalue a player based on their pugilistic skills (Klotz pick, Shelley contract etc.) but it's not like we employ a team full of goons. Hell we went most of last year without one at least stashed on our active roster until Giroux got popped & Voracek had to fight for him which lead to Rosehill being acquired. Rosehill only played in games after that where we played teams known for being physical & dropping the gloves. As long as other teams are employing guys like Rosehill he'll have a spot on the roster like it or not.

There's nothing wrong with having guys like Hartnell, Simmonds, L. Schenn, Coburn, etc. who bring other skill sets on top of being physical & willing to drop the gloves when needed.
I think it's fantastic to have guys like Simmonds and Schenn. I also think having a player like Shelley can be an important asset. I mean, a tiny team like Montreal definitely can't compete with a hard checking big, physical team in the later stages of the playoffs. I don't think Phi is like a team of goons at all for the record, I don't think they're anything like the broad street bullies either. I think overall in the past 15 years the team is relatively similar in terms of composition and emphasis or lack thereof on the physicality and all that. I am pointing out how I think it's funny how every off-season ever people talk about this 'philly might be bringing back the broad street bullies!!' theme as if there was a MASSIVE change from the past 25+ years and now the team is actually going to resemble the play style of broad street days. I promise you next off-season someone will talk about this exact same topic with their own reasoning, forget about it a few days later, and repeat it again the next off-season.

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