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09-08-2013, 09:51 PM
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I don't post often but I read this forum everyday as a hard core habs fan.

I find that most people here underestimate the difference of caliber between the various levels NCAA/CHL - AHL - NHL. For example, earlier this year, people were already putting Danny Kristo on the habs roster.

Truth is, unless you're a top 5 pick (sometimes a little higher) and you have elite-level talent like Alex G., you don't go straight from junior to the NHL. Even PK who is now a top D in this league completed his junior and spent time in Hamilton.

Most young players need a few years to develop in the AHL... so many youth Ellis, Beaulieu, Bennett, Pateryn, Thrower, Dietz, etc. will need time. And it is good to give them time. It takes take to develop and grow into a high-level, experienced hockey player.

Many here are willing to let go Markov. Markov isn't the all-star D he used to be. However, Markov at 75% of what he used to be is still A LOT better than any average D in this league. The key will be to give a usage that is more appropriate for a guy his age.

Plus, one thing to keep in mind regarding Andrei... he loves Montreal. It's his home now. He has become a Canadian citizen. This is the type of guy (reserved) who would love to finish his career as a Hab and will very likely accept a fair salary to remain a MTL canadiens. I am not saying he will not negotiate but he will not ask for the moon.

The team management would be absolutely silly to let this guy go. Granted he isn't what he used to be but this guy can easily gives us another 2-3 years of solid, reliable, effective hockey provided he is used a little less (18-20 minutes per game) and not as a #1 D but more as a #3 or #4. Markov as a #3 or #4 is awesome!

Let the young players grow, no rush... Emelin and Diaz are likely to be around a while too. They bring a lot to the table and are both still fairly young and getting into the better years of their life.

Subban / Diaz / Emelin will be there a while.
Markov / George at least for another 2 years.
Tinordi / Beaulieu are knocking at the door.
In time, of our other top 6-7 D prospects, probably that 3-4 will really become NHL regular. The rest will either be journeyman or will become AHLer.

The good thing is... we got depth and you can never have enough. Let them fight for a spot and the mentally tougher ones will make it!

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