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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Why isn't it good from a player development perspective? We have three or four guys who maybe one day will eventually possibly be third liners. Players that can easily be replaced through UFA and the draft. It's not like Gagne signing a one-year deal is going to stifle the development of Scott Laughton or Sean Couturier. It is going to postpone the possibility of McGinn et al. making it to the third line this season, and that is only if one of that group doesn't outplay Gagne. They will still be there next year and when an injury occurs to one of the forwards.


If he can't hang in camp, then ok. But going in, I wouldn't put Tye "16 Games" McGinn or Jason "One Goal on one Shot" Akeson above him simply because they are younger. Which, really, when it comes down to it, isn't that what you are saying...let someone else have a shot because they are younger?

You may not be using those words, but all the "player development" and "Gagne isn't as good an option" talk sure seems like it. Because even if you don't think Gagne is the best option based on 25 games or whatever last year, how can you think that a group of kids with less than that combined be a better option? The general consensus on here (again, without ever using these words) seems to be "because they are younger."
I kind of see the player development angle and agree with it, but would still give Gagne a try out with no guarantee.

McGinn looked very good to me. Even before the Brown fight, he took a couple really cheap head shots that hurt his game. His skating was better and he can play. If he has continued to improve over the summer, he'll be a good option.

Akeson might fill a 'small forward' need down the road, if Read leaves, but probably not this year.

Laughton is one option, but he has to make the team too. He will get a chance, and I can see him as 4C and Talbot on 3LW, as a good checking compliment to Coots and Read.

Raffl was brought over because he might have something to offer too, and he's an older FA.

Straka by all accounts has been impressive.

Noebels is a guy who I think might also be ready to be an NHL player this year.

Cousins probably isn't ready, but he has the kind of smarts and skill that sometime flourish when given a chance to play with better players.

Given so many possibilities of guys who 'might' step and earn the spot, I think it will make for a very competitive camp, and one of those guys might distinguish himself as someone who can do more for the team than Gagne can.

We'll see.

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