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09-08-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by PETRYDISH View Post
About time we get a no bs coach. Some guys are in for a wakeup, will be interesting to see who responds to him and who doesn't. He's a coach that demands respect rather than panders for it, no more excuses. Time to weed out guys who arnt willing to give it 100% both on and OFF the ice. Once he finds someone who can handle his message and deliver on the ice while providing a good example for everyone else he will name a captain. I have a feeling Ference is a strong choice, especially given that he's already done more in the community than any other player. He's spent his whole off season in edmonton training and doing his November project, which Eakins is a major fan of. Ference doesn't put up with anything on the ice and sticks up for teammates in any situation, most if all the guy is a champion. He knows how to win .
Don't look now but the hard as nails, hard work coach has only met two Oilers so far, Ryan Smyth, and RNH, and looks to be less prepared then the last no bs coach, Phat Quinn, who came in here and by his own admission hadn't even seen most of our players play before.

Eakins is still in the process of moving to Edmonton, isn't settled in, and has the added distraction of family moving here sometime this week. This on top of everything else on his plate this week learning a new NHL job and meeting a new team. Learning curve cliff ahead..have an experience.

This looks like not great due diligence or preparation. If I'm CEO of somebody I hired months ago to be a manager of a company in deep deep **** I kind of expect said hire to be here earlier than minutes before work in earnest starts. The Oilers brass now has about a couple days to chew over what they want to establish in TC, what drills, what approach, get up to speed etc. This is prep Oilers style. Just throw it together at last minute as if its a Junior squad. Strike that, theres Junior Squads proably much more prepared.

I'm a bit bothered that Eakins hasn't done more to establish with the players and team during the offseason. Calls on the phone and twitter doesn't seem like much.

He's meeting everybody on the ice on Wednesday and during the physicals. Thats where it starts. One of my worries is by the time the team starts to get a handle on what Eakins is even like it'll be around November.
This assuming no infamous "philosophical differences" that this org is famous for.

jebus, this could be Bucky and Steve Smith essentially running everything for the first while.

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