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09-08-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post

Oh youse guys.

Marco Roy managed to be -1 despite getting a lucky goal awarded. He was - in every game.

He was -5 in the series, produced nothing at all except the lucky pinball pass going in off a couple nucks. For a guy with hands he's not showing me any finish whatsoever. We played a dozen forwards in this tourney that looked to have a whole lot more puck control and finishing confidence than Roy.

I really doubt I end up seeing this guy again in a game this year except the Golden bears game. Maybe he gets an exhibition game. He's not ready. Would look awful playing against NHL players.
Why do you keep bringing up the most useless stat in hockey? Yea he was a minus, well the Oilers let in 17 goals in 3 games so no **** he was a minus. You can not sit hear and tell me Roy was a factor in that. The guy was the best player on the ice in every game. Either you didn't pay attention to Roy particularly or you're just arguing for the sake of arguing yet again. I noticed plenty of opportunities when Roy was on the ice and I also noticed a lot of hustle away from the puck. He was throwing hits, playing smart defensively and I even saw him block a couple shots. As the above poster said.. 99% of this board along with people who were covering the tourney have been raving about the kid except for you. Coincidence?

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