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Originally Posted by belair View Post
Not a good example.

Without his depression issues and that ludicrous contract given to him after his 'career year', he brought exactly what Torres brought in spades minus the off-ice issues.

To be completely honest, I'm disappointed that we didn't invite him to camp with RNH potentially missing the beginning of the season. He's surely better than Andrew Miller and he can still bring a physical brand of hockey. Something this roster is still seriously lacking.
You can PM me for more on this but I already had a good idea of the problems Brule was having years prior to the depression coming out. Not that he was depressed specifically, but that he was clearly having performance related issues and was overwhelmed early and not prepared or ready for the ramp up that the NHL game represents.

Multiple instances of "undisclosed injury" in Columbus that followed games and stints where the player was completely lost out on the ice were in itself a telling story.

I used to watch him play in Columbus, zero in, because something didn't look right to me. Body language, facial expression, reactions, shy to the puck, a talented player not comfortable with the puck. Not taking a pass, bobbling everything. When you see a guy this talented in jr, who is then butchering the puck like he's Belanger something is wrong. Player is not relaxing and overwhelmed. Thing is for Brule the game didn't slow down for him at all. Even a few years into it. he was still a bundle of nerves on the ice. Penner was a good fit for Brule because on the bench he's so damn casual and personable. I think it helped Brule, best he ever played in NHL, but wasn't enough.

Brules goose was pretty cooked before he ever got here. It didn't even get worse here , it actually got a bit better for him here. But still not able to cope.

Nice guy, and I'm not slamming him, but this is the high pressure world of pro sports. you have to be physically and mentally at your very best.

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