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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
If a team is going to build through the draft like the Oilers have had to, they need to have a better than average success rate on occasion. People keep pointing out the odds and everything. If the Oilers are going to have any hope at getting better they need to beat those odds. So far doesn't look like it.
Actually if you are going to build through the draft you need to be successful with your first round picks first and foremost. That is where the vast majority of your home-grown future comes from. Everything else is really gravy.

I'd say that the biggest plus for the current scouting crew is that they have been pretty much dead on in this regard. Of course this will be dismissed as being easy but my memory tells me that the Hall/Seguin, RNH/Larsson and Yakupov/Murray debates on this board suggest that maybe it was not as obvious as we make it out to be. Throw in Eberle, Klefbom and PRV and it is hard not to argue that the key decisions have been right.

Just to a bit to this. In the 2008 draft the Oilers picked Eberle at 22. The 2st pick was Anton Gustafsson (Wash). The 23rd pick was Tyler Cuma (Minn). The only players from that drfat with equal or greater value than Eberle would be Stamkos (1), Doughty (2) Pietrangelo (4), Karlsson (15) and if you want to be generous Bogosian (3).

As to the development part, I have no problem with how things have been done on the farm. Generally they have played the players who have earned it. I think the time in the AHL helped Paajarvi a lot. Lander has had a number of different roles as his game progressed. Marincin had a key role last year. Pitlick for example has been given a number of opportunities. At times he has looked very good. But when he does not do what he needs to to earn his ice time he gets less.

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