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09-09-2013, 06:44 AM
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Is it time already.....? JK, the wait has been horrendous! Happy to see that we are picking up again

Im going to make a long post, just to get started, so bare with me people.
My fingers are itching to write about hockey again

Im going to give my 2 cents on all the players starting with our big boys.

Frans Nielsen:

Franzie has so far been our best player in the NHL with tight competition from Jannik Hansen.

It is unclear were Frans is going to start the year, but it looks like top 6 duties again.

It seemed to me that Frans had stagnated a bit last season, but he has been solid and still is. And I still think he is capable of breaking the 50 point mark.


Frans Nielsen - 82gp and 42pts and +2

Peter Regin

I am almost certain this is Peters' last season in the NHL.

I really like Peter, but so much has gone wrong and he really needs to step up for NYI. Personally I don't think Regin will get much more than 3rd/4th line duties and we all know he does not work there.


Peter Regin - 40gp and 9pts and -7

Philip Larsen

Again Phil is a big unknown to me.. The times I have watched him, he has been awesome. Yet again everytime I don't watch him, he apparently sucks.

I think this move to a bigger club in a more hockey-crazed part of NA is a good move for Larsen. I doubt he will see a lot of games but, he will get a chance to proove himself by getting a chance at top pairing and pp.


35gp and 7pts and -2

Jannik Hansen

Jannik is solid, I believe he is capable of more, but with a lot of new young guns the time is going to be spread a little more.

He is a big part of Vancity and is a go-to guy both on and off the ice.

Jannik had a good shortened season, but Van have dissapointed. If Van get their act together Jannik will hit his 50 imo. If not, he will struggle to do so.


82gp and 47pts and +8

Lars Eller

So, will Lars be able to bounce back from his season ending injury? Or will we see a Lars shy away from contact? Big question, but I believe Lars has the mentality to handle this, and I think he is going to have a strong year.

It all depends om Therrien ofc. If he continues to missuse Eller and keep him off the PP, then Eller wont produce as he could.


82gp and 48pts and +6

Mikkel Boedker

Now, I have been one of Mikkels' biggest critics and imo rightfully so. He has not produced like an early 1st round selection yet, and has been given plenty off chances.

I find Don Maloneys' comment on Boedker to be fitting:

“He still has something to prove to show that he’s a producing forward for us,”

“If he does that, he’ll be paid a lot more money.

Can Boedker FINALLY get over this hurdle and start producing like he should? Maybe start off by shooting a bit more?

I have little faith in Boedker, something tells me he wont be able to convert his talents in the NHL.


82gp and 35pts and +3

AHL Players:

Frederik Andersen for Norfolk Admirals.

Predicting another solid year for Andersen. I don't think he will get his 1st call-up this season. He will play all season in Norfolk.

.932svs% - 2.1GAA

Oliver Lauridsen for Adirondack Phantoms.

Oliver will imo get a few call-ups for Philly. It is hard for me to evaluate further on Olly.

Markus Lauridsen for Lake Eirie Monsters.

All Season in Lake Eirie. No comments.

Nicklas Jensen for Utica Comets.

I think it would be best for Jensen to have all season in Utica. He needs to proove he can be consistent. I think he might get a few games in the NHL. But no more than 10.

No predictions for Jensen.

For the youngsters, ill just stick with our guys in the CHL.

Mads Eller

Have very little expectations for Eller.

Oliver Bjorkstrand

Thinking Olly will hit 80+ points.

Nikolaj Ehlers

High hopes for this kid, but wont inflate my expectations.

65+pts for Ehlers.

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