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Originally Posted by I Am Chariot View Post
His agent needs to show his worth to the Rangers both intrinsically to the team as it's built AND comparatively to other goaltenders of the NHL.

Odd some of the best performances have come from goaltenders not really making the big Bucks?

Ray Emery put up ridiculous numbers last season. Signed for sub 2mill.

Brian Elliot also sub 2mill. Halak get 3.8 BOTH are also UFA next summer

Ryan Miller won the Vezina got a 6.3 mill contract and pretty much lost his edge. He is also a UFA this summer

Quick re-upped for the next 6 years? 5.8 mill per season

MAF gets 5 mill per...He is not so good anymore. He is a UFA after next season

Crawford just re-upped at 6mill per season. Yes he won the cup and is real good. But Ray Emery, a guy who also took the Sens to the finals not too long ago granted, but up ridiculous stats playing with the Hawks

Pound for Pound one might surmise a goaltender should never get top dollar. The position just doesnt warrant the cap space.

He must be a really good goaltender. But should you be building your team around him?

I love Henrik, he is THE KING. But if he wants to win the cup, logic might dictate he will take less money. Less in NY less in Detroit less in Pittsburgh. It wont really matter. The trick is which GM has the other pieces to spend the saved cap $$ on.
I got murdered for uttering those same words a few weeks ago.

In fact, my argument was simply, make him the highest paid at his position, but do not exceed 8 per.

7.75 per over the next 8 years makes him the highest paid at his position both in terms of cap hit AND actual salary.

This thought that he should be given 8.5 to 9 per is insanity.

And Quick signed a pre new CBA deal at 10 years with an average hit of 5.8. He's making 7 per over the next 7 years. His contract starts this season

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