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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Gee I dunno, 8 years of having garbage rammed down our throats? You've been around here for these last few years of terrible football at least, and a fair bit longer than that I would presume. Do you still feel the same sense of pride in this club today as you did in say...2004?

While they have fielded some crappy teams, the Bombers have still played in two Grey Cups in the last six years. We're now 8 years removed from our last appearance. In an 8-team league.

We might finally have hit rock bottom. As long as I have been following this team, we have never gone into the Labour Day series eliminated from the playoffs for all intents and purposes. How are the fans supposed to get excited?

Yeah they were boisterous in Winnipeg today, but here's the thing: For starters, the Bombers aren't completely out of the playoff picture. Hell, they're two wins and two Alouette losses away from being in the playoffs. If the Eskimos had gone into Friday at say 3-6 instead of 1-8, the game would have had an entirely different feel to it.

Secondly, the Bombers organization stepped right up and said failure is unacceptable weeks ago. The GM was fired. The offensive co-ordinator was fired a couple weeks later. That organization refused to simply pull their pants down and bend over. If Reed and his staff had been fired in August, I suspect there would be more enthusiasm as it would at least show the organization wasn't going to take losing in stride.

The Reed extension the day after getting shellacked in the home opener was a MASSIVE middle finger to the fans. This organization doesn't deserve to have anybody show up at their games period, much less arrive in high spirit and cheer on a bumbling 1-9 squad. We've won two Grey Cups in 20 years, leading the league in attendance in almost all of those years. The fans have been extremely patient, too patient in fact. We managed to lead the league in attendance during the Maciocia years FFS. There comes a time when you've simply been booted in the nuts once too often.

Flagship franchise isn't necessarily to do with the fans, although leading the league in attendance year after year certainly helps. The league would have folded 25 years ago if not for the Eskimos covering payrolls and paying the bills for just about every other club in the league at one point or another. That's why they're the flagship franchise. Although I must say, the old ****liner is listing hard to starboard after 8 years of sailing straight through the eye of a ****icane.
To me it's simple. They had DM who was a moron and people wanted gone for years they then hired Tillman(which I didn't mine), which pissed off a lot of people. Then they decide to give Reed another chance as he was given a fair shot. Again I think I can live with this, but then to go ahead and extend him the way they did just pushed more fans away.

Curious to see what happens next. Seemed like last week was Hervey's warning signal to a lot of people, if he doesn't follow through then it's time for him to be fired as well. You just can't continue to have a loser mentality with no sign of hope going into next year, something needs to be done now to get things going the right way.

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