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If Trouba shows well, he'll be here, in my opinion, contracts or not. I do not see management sending a deserving player down if he has earned his ticket. That goes against the grain of logic to a team that hasn't proven to be very good to begin with, but also everything we've ever heard for this Jets management team. I know it can happen when contract/roster space gets tight, but we have wiggle room and options as far as I can see. If we were *really* in a logjam with contracts under the 23 man roster limit, then I could perhaps see him being sent down but only for a short time until Chevy moves somebody. But I still doubt it. If Trouba is better than any of Postma, Stuart, Redmond, Clitsome... he's going to be in the NHL.

In terms of the "23 man roster limit"... all of these guys are the most likely candidates, with at least 2 being cut.
Forwards - Ladd, Little, Wheeler, Kane, Jokinen, Setoguchi, Scheifele, Frolik, Halischuk, Slater, Wright, Tangradi, Peluso, Thorburn.

Defenceman - Bogosian, Enstrom, Byfuglien, Clitsome, Postma, Redmond, Stuart, Trouba, Pardy.

Goaltenders - Pavelec, Montoya.
There are 25 players here as the most likely NHL candidates (some obviously will 100% be here). There are easily options here to accommodate Trouba if his play warrants it, even if that means Postma being in the pressbox as a healthy scratch.

Here are some scenarios I see if Trouba shows well and looks ready for a top 4-6 role.

Adam Pardy - is an AHL'er, who will perhaps be called up in a Meech role if necessary if we endure a bunch of injuries. I do not see him as a roadblock, not for a second.

Zach Redmond - Can go to the AHL without clearing waivers. And, if you ask me, Redmond may start in the AHL given how much time he's missed in the last year. Given his lack of playing the last year with his injury, if Redmond is not in the top 6 playing to start the year, he'll be in the AHL in my opinion. I don't see much of an option here as a 7-8 guy given he needs to get playing time under his belt. It's top 6 or AHL for Redmond at least until he gets a good amount of games under his belt.

Paul Postma - He'll be in the NHL, and we're not going to expose him to waivers. If push really comes to shove this year, I could see Postma (or someone else) dealt to make room for Trouba if he earns it. With saying that, I could easily see Trouba outplaying Postma in all facets and simply being better, thus a must to keep ahead of Paul Postma.

Chris Thorburn - If getting down to the 23 man roster (and keeping Trouba and even sitting Postma) means waiving Thorburn and potentially sending him to the AHL or losing him on waivers, I do believe it is a route we may (and likely will) take this season. With Peluso in the mix, Chevy has his own self-brought-in tough guy who can play the 4th line/13th forward. Thorburn's days are numbered. There is absolutely no need to have both Peluso and Thorburn on the roster taking up the exact same role and roster space. When push comes to shove, Peluso has the spot as far as I am concerned over Thorburn.

Matt Halischuk - I like Halischuk, and I think he stands a great chance at finding a role here as the 3rd line LW. He or Tangradi if he shows some more offensive touch. But, Halischuk too could find himself in the AHL, it's possible. He would have to clear waivers, but we did also sign him to a two-way deal for this reason as he is not a sure thing, so he is not a given to be on the NHL roster or not sent down.

I just don't at all see the contract road block here that will prevent Trouba from being here if he is deserving of being here. If his play warrants being in the NHL, he'll be here as far as I am concerned. There are ways here we can shuffle the deck to easily fit him in. These things will work themselves out but I do not believe for a second if Trouba shows well that he will be sent to the AHL because of "contracts" and such. Not impossible, but I am highly doubting it.

I could see the 23 man roster as the following, with an exception or two with Redmond perhaps in the AHL and Thorburn still here, most likely to start the season.

Ladd - Little - Wheeler
Kane - Schiefele - Setoguchi
Halischuk - Jokinen - Frolik
Wright - Slater - Tangradi/Peluso

Enstrom - Byfuglien
Clitsome - Bogosian
Stuart - Trouba/Postma/Redmond

*battle for Clitsome's spot easily open for the taking.


It has to be remembered, this team has not been very good. We've got more "quantity" than we do "quality". It will not be very hard for Jacob Trouba to earn a role here if his play warrants it. I am a firm believer it will not be "contracts" that prevent Jacob Trouba from playing in the NHL this year, it will be his play and whether he warrants an NHL roster spot, or not.

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