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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
I hate to pull a Dan Tencer and "blame" the fans but the fans at Commonwealth have been pretty awful for a few years now. Cheering and yelling when the Eskimos are on offense and complete silence when the team is on defense. It's sad.

Look at these Bombers fans. Loud and proud when their team is on defense and needs a stop. What happened to Edmonton football fans? I'm not sure if I can lay the blame solely on Maciocia and Tillman either. Bombers fans have had to deal with a lot of bad teams and heartbreak as well.

Flag ship franchise of the CFL? Hah. Bombers fans and Riders fans are by FAR the best fans in the league.
Had to laugh at this when I read it, but sadly, you knew it wouldn't be long before someone on here decided it was our, the fans fault for the Eskimos problems. A horrible fan base that has led the league in attendence for almost forever with one of the worst, if not THE worst organizations in the CFL. A team with the worst record in the league, a team that hands out extensions to it's fumbling, bumbling coach instead of canning him like other outfits do. A team who trades their star QB for magic beans for absolutely no reason. A team that goes through GM's like a kid through candy. A team that trades away 1st round picks the same way.

But ya, blame the fans for the mess.

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