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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
Nelson brought up Zetterberg when trying to excuse Darnell Nurse's terrible first game in the tournament.

True. By extension that possibly could also apply to Scheifele for example. It is easier to look better when dumping the puck to 30 goal scorers in the NHL than it is when forced to dish the puck to guys like Luke Sutter and Blomqvist. For all of our excitement about Blomqvist here, he was actually a fairly pedestrian scorer in the WHL last year and I think Scheif may have helped Blomqvist's and Sutter's game recently more than they have helped his own game.

I look forward to seeing how Scheifele will look when paired with more comparable talents.
Just finished listening to Beyak on the Big show (TSN radio) and he was recapping the tournament so far. He thinks Mark is putting allot of pressure on himself and just needs to relax....he feels Mark is going to be fine at the main camp and the way he ended in the OHL playoffs last year (leading scorer by 9 points) indicates that he is clearly ready for the next level.

Dennis also reiterated what we have heard about Petan. That the Jets were "shocked" that he was still around in the 2nd round. they have said he has "come as advertised" so far in both the rookie camp and tournament and they are looking forward to seeing how he does against NHL players at the main camp. Richardson pressed Dennis on Petan's size and said "how can you tell if he will be too small" and Dennis had a pretty good answer. he said its a new NHL now and small guys can make it but what generally holds back some small guys is heart.....they have all the talent to dominate in juniors but don't have the heart (grit and compete level) to dig when the going gets tough against men. Dennis said that is what is exciting about Nic because Dennis felt Nic definatly has the "heart" and he has "allot of jam".

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