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09-09-2013, 11:20 AM
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I never really liked Lang, but he was better on radio than he was on TV. I wouldn't be surprised to see Joey Vendetta get a more permanent spot on the schedule; I just don't know if he is a morning show kind of guy.

Originally Posted by tp71 View Post
I get all my Leaf stuff I need from right here really. I don't need a ton of Leaf talk on the Radio. I appreciate the FAN590 because they talk about just about everything which suits me. I get some baseball, basketball and everything else in between talk. I don't need to hear what Phaneuf had for breakfast today or that Burke denied some trade rumour.

If you're are a Leaf fan who pays attention, you probably know most of what the radio personalities are going to talk about anyways.
Thats just it. Living in southern Ontario, I get all the Leafs coverage I could ever possibly need through sheer osmosis. Unless something REALLY BIG just happened in Leaf land, I don't want to listen to an hour of talk pertaining to just the Leafs.

Its part of why I like Tim and Sid so much. They're much more general sports fans. It isn't all (as McCown would say) "hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey" with them. They will talk about the big news, but then they will move on.

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