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Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
Lol pretty arrogant statement . You're trying portray yourself as some scout expert , Does not surprise me though how many hats you wear claiming to be a expert from city planning to arena construction to scouting cfl as well as all Nhl players , and what is truly impressive is you aced all these professions while spending 18 hrs a day on the net arguing with anyone who will take your bait.
Its how I watch the game. You can take it as arrogant if you want. I often iso on players, I often PVR games, I often watch segments multiples times. I'm not really arrogant at all and anybody that met me would be the last thing they would have to say. Online things can come across differently.
I am obviously obsessive and won't deny that. Thats a tendency thats hard to get rid of.

I understand hockey quite well, most people here do. I'll be the first person to say that as far as football I'm not able to break down the game like a lot of people can. I'm certainly capable of getting the wrong assessment in a football game and getting corrected and informed. Which happens in that thread. Because I'm not an NFL fan I just spend less time analyzing football compared to a lot of people here. As far as hockey though theres some hockey coaches around here on the board and I'll defer to them everytime obviously on hockey.

I'm online a lot because a lot of my job has me at my computer. So its quite convenient and I'm always multitasking. Not sure how you think I haven't accomplished anything in life but thanks anyway.

As far as arrogance what kind of comments have you made to me and assumed about me?

Have I done that?

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