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09-09-2013, 12:25 PM
Rich Nash
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On the bright side, 'Keem, Cruz and Randle all had very good games. Myers had a very strong 4th Q, too.

Eli derped way too hard in the 1st quarter last night, but when you throw for 450 yards and 4 TDs and have one definitely fluke INT and another arguable one, he still had a very strong game.

Wilson really disappointed me. I still think he can be a very good starter but he needs to get rid of the yips.

The defense was also better than I expected. Prince's injury is really, really bad though. He was fantastic before he went down, and we'll need him against Peyton. If not, we might as well be resigned to starting 0-2.

Great to see T2 play and play fairly well.

Besides that, not much else to say. If the offense can be consistent and we don't turn the ****ing ball over 4+ times a game, we'll be good.

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