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09-09-2013, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Pennertration View Post
Are you guys seriously evaluating players and prospect depth based on this tourney? This is one of many "evaluation" stations in a player's career and really, it's a relatively minor one. Essentially this gives the team a look at these guys so they can give them marching orders on areas to improve during the actual season, which matters way more than a summer exhibition tournament.

Can't wait to hear this tourney referenced later in the season as old grudges are dredged up.

Didn't Lander dominate this thing a couple years ago - now he's a whipping boy.
maybe it doesn't matter in the big picture, but you have to admit it would better if our rookies didn't get schooled by the rookies of 2 divisional teams and another conference rival. as of today, Jets/Flames/Nucks rookies look much better than ours. in order for that to change, ours must improve more than theirs.

you can't refute that they didn't look very good, and that it isn't disappointing.

take away from this? Nurse is at least 5 years away from being a 20+ minute eating top 4 D-horse (possibly 7 and don't be surprised if he is traded before then).

Klefa is probably a year away. Marincin is ahead of him.

I am no more confident in any of our forward prospects. still a crap shoot if Ewanyk, Kaira, et al can ever be players.

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