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09-09-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by The Head Crusher View Post
Banh Mi...the new Donair.
Hah! I don't think there's enough influence for that to catch on. Besides, gotta keep the price point below $4.

Originally Posted by 40oz View Post
I'm no expert, but Nhon Hoa on Whyte is great.
Yeah I've heard good things about it. Also Van Loc (10648 98 street). Will have to give both a taste test.

V Sandwiches came up first on the google hit. A more westernized place, you can tell cause their prices are almost double what the traditional ones cost. Suppose to be good, but Im not sure I can justify the price. We shall see, I'm more a grilled pork kind of guy then traditional cold cuts.

Originally Posted by Turrican View Post
Best nammer subs are by Tau Bay and that bubble tea place.
You know the place has to be good if they have an unaffiliated site that's sole purpose is to inform you if they're open or not. I'll have to go for the soup but leave with a sub.

"that bubble tea place" eh?

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