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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Being less than 50 feet from the incident at the Aud when Clint sustained that injury, it had always been at the back of my mind. As a goalie its a much bigger concern. I think for the out players, the biggest risk is at the very young youth levels. The little guys can fall and lift a skate, sliding a long distance or out of control. They also tend to bunch up. As players age and develope skills the risk is reduced. Players tend to recover their skates much quicker and when they do drop, it is rare you see the skates lifted.

Hockey socks do a great job of providing that fraction of a second needed when a skate does come into contact with a leg. Goalies who wear none are taking a serious risk. Another item that I have made for my son is a knit kevlar legging. From just below the ankle to the top of his knee is covered in a knit kevlar attached to a cool max w/kevlar anti-friction sock. To hold them up is a small strap that also works to prevent Iliotibial band friction syndrome( ) . One neat aspect is that the knit kevlar does not warm up. The legs feel cooler when wearing them under the hockey sock

My Son and I wear a gel collar that is covered with Defender Nylon. NOTHING will get through those. Puck impact is attenuated through the gel and a skate isnt going to even come close to making it through. They do not retain heat. They can also be placed in a freezer for extra cooling while not getting hardened. My youngest has had several instances where the neck guard has probably saved him from skate cut, one incident in particular that I believe may have had dire consequences had he not been wearing it. A skater dropped and slid into him with the on ice leg bent and the other lifted. Slid right into his neck while he had dropped to cover a puck. The player drove him into the pipe hard enough to knock the net off the mooring and into the boards. There was a slight crease/mark in the Defender Nylon right over the same area that Malarchuk was cut. This same player, just a few minutes later speared him in the neck to the same location when he again covered a puck. Player was then ejected from the game and ended up with a season suspention after review by the league.

if its a concern at all for you there is only one product on the market for absolute neck protection.

For your legs, drop me a PM and I will explain exactly how to get or make a set of what I call "slicks" for total knee down kevlar skate cut protection(youths Ankle to Knee 11-14"). It is pretty cheap.

MikeD -

Curious about what you are using - see, the point of a neckguard is to absorb the skate and not deflect. If it deflects, it will hit the neckguard and then slide off of it. Is the neckguard you using soft enough to do that?

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