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09-09-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by TorMenT View Post
I disagree. I though this episode was great.
Well, let's just talk about it.

1. Hank is the villain; he can't win in this, wouldn't feel right at all
2. That shooting scene at the end was way over the top, can't wait to see how that is resolved. But it was ridiculous, must have been 100 rounds fired at close range and just that one guy got shot.
3. Walt is way too smart to get bilked like that in the first place

I have my own ideas of how I would like it to end, but Hank cannot win under any circumstance. Walt can't go to jail. Jesse the last few episodes, I don't even get it. He's so ****ing wacked out and distant. Maybe it will all make sense later, I hope so.

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