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09-09-2013, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
I don't recall ever reading anything about McD wanting out of montreal. I think the consensus belief was that montreal expected him to be more of an offensive dman and he wasn't really showing that at Wisconsin. And with him wanting to go back for his junior year, they decided to trade him. The quotes I remember from McD was that he was shocked by the trade.

I'm not sure I buy that either, but there had to be SOME reason why they made a deal that pretty much everyone in the hockey world believes the Rangers won.

Unless something happened recently, I don't see why they would wait until he graduated, sign him, and THEN trade him. If they had an issue with him staying 4 years in college or with some of the off ice problems he had while in college, why didn't they trade him earlier?

He didn't produce much in the 9 AHL games he played last year, but I can't imagine that would influence their decision that much. Maybe they feel that Kristo is still a year away and think that Thomas is ready now?
Habs fan here.

Re: McDo - he didn't want out of Montreal and MTL would have love to keep him. The basis for this transaction was the urgent need to draw an offensive center in Montreal. After having failed to trade for Lecavalier (Plan A), Ex-Gm Bob Gainey went to plan B - Scott Gomez. Worst in our history. The idea was that Gomez would fill a need at center and since the trade was done prior to free agency market opening... having a center like Gomez was also an incentive for guys like Gionta and Camallari to sign. Montreal had decided to let go Kovalev, Koivu and a few other players so they were really in need of offensive player back them. That ''urgent need to fill'' has pushed the MTL Gm to complete the worst trade in Habs history. Many people in our organization were SHOCKED when MCDO was traded... most of all our head of amateur scouting. McDo was the price to pay for Gomez - one of the best trade ever by Glen Sather.

Regarding Kristo - most of the stuff said probably have some truth but nobody really knows the reasons. MTL fans weren't that thrilled about that trade as many saw Kristo has a top-rated prospect.

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