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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
Getting ready to start planning some hockey road trips- being in Birmingham, season tickets are not an option, so we usually rely on the secondary ticket market and get a lot of our tickets through Stubhub.

When looking yesterday on stubhub, I noticed something odd- for every single game on the schedule, there isn’t a single ticket available in the shoot twice end upper deck (313-322) and also not a single ticket available in lower level 109-112. I don’t mean there weren’t many- there are literally 0 tickets in any of those sections for any game- even preseason games

On the shoot once end, (and everywhere else for that matter) there are plenty of tickets in every section, as well as the center ice sections.

I don't usually get tickets in those sections anyway, so it doesn't affect us at all, but I just found it very odd.

Anyone know what’s up with that? There has to be some reason for it………..
I can only speak to 109, that's where I sit. It's a huge percentage of fsth and corporate fsth. People usually swap tickets with friends or business contacts, it seems.
I don't think there are as many "ticket brokers" seats in that area.
We moved to that section a few years ago after having so many problems being surrounded by opposing fans game after game in other sections.

edit: and the 300 level there that you mentioned, it is the same "level" as the club seats on the opposite end, so the seats there are closer to the ice than the other 300 level seats. A lot of people love those seats

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