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Originally Posted by SchultzSquared View Post
Early yet... but does anyone (besides certain people who made their opiinion known early) think Marc Roy could make the team this years... I mean he pretty much is Lander today... but is three years younger more skilled and maybe even better two way

Cannot think of better way to break the kid in than to give him Smyth Jones as teachers on fourth line...


Easy minutes... give him PP time where I think he would do good... especially with RNH out a bit early... and let him learn... better I think than 100 points in the Q... 20-25 points in NHL at this age improving his skills against big league guys... could be huge for him

(or maybe he is really suited for ECHL)
At best and this is even a stretch he gets a couple games while RNH is out, but I suspect he is back to the Q early so he can be with his team. Looking good in a tourney like the Penticton one means nothing.
Originally Posted by SchultzSquared View Post
Hey he signed Pronger thinking the 35 over rule did not apply... he is pretty much the most clueless GM... well except for that guy down south who could have lost picks on a guy who would have went on waivers anyway...
That is true.

Originally Posted by skorf View Post
With Philly, do they get some salary relief with Pronger being a long-term injured player?

If insurance covers his salary, it's possible that his salary won't work against the cap. I'm not sure how it works right now after the new CBA
If they are at the max cap, then they are allowed to go over the cap by the amount of Pronger's salary.

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