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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Reason: Booze.

Most people under the age of 30 that you see at Commonwealth have a beer in each hand. I'm one of them. Mind you, I actually am a fan of CFL football and the liquor is just a accessory, but for a lot of people the liquor is the main event. If you stop selling booze at Commonwealth, I bet you crowds drop by 5000 people in an instant.

The CFL is doing better than ever TV-numbers wise. I'm not so sure about people actually bothering to go to games though. Calgary used to routinely sell out games during the Garcia and Dickenson era, now they don't even sell out Labour Day with an 8-2 team. Our attendance has of course eroded over the last 8 years. BC gets some decent crowds due to the new stadium and the fact that they've been a contender pretty much every year for over a decade now. But the fact that they need both those conditions just to flirt with 30,000 people in a city the size of Vancouver is alarming. Sask has obviously had a big resurgence with a much better team and much better economy than previous decades. They sell out their own barn, and boost attendance in Calgary and Edmonton when they play here.
Didn't the numbers drop when they shut CW's down? Then again part of that was playing games on Wednesday and Thursday

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