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11-17-2006, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by larue View Post
Nope.........reality is in the stats this year and the past 4 years......."Time for a stat check reality boy"
00/01 79gp 95pts if played 82, on target for 99pts
01/02 67gp 76pts if played 82, on target for 93pts
02/03 78gp 77pts if played 82, on target for 81pts
03/04 78gp 45pts if played 82, on target for 47pts
05/06 69gp 65pts if played 82, on target for 77pts

Umm...other than that one year it looks pretty good to me.
Putting 03/04 aside he would have been tops on the habs in points for all those years by a very wide margin (assuming he played 82 games of course ...besides, he's still tops in the habs even if he didn't play all 82 games).
Yes he's declining and isn't the super star that he may have been but his stats, unless I'm missing something obvious looks decent to me.
Again, it's only been 18 games. Lots of games left.

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