Thread: Confirmed with Link: 2013 Rookie camp roster (September 5-9)
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09-09-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Tiny and not tall. I mean, at least on the ice, unless one wears a gear much too big for his size, you tend to see that Andrighetto looks more solidly build in his upper body. Mind you...there is an age difference here, so just normal. Honestly, Reway is a very good prospect. February in 2013, I said that Reway had the pure talent but it was matter of bringing it in higher level. I also said at that time that I didn't want us to pick him top 3 rounds cause he had work to do everywhere else but offense. We'll see if he's able to do it. But so far so kid. Dangles at high speed, isn't afraid of traffic, aware defensively.

Looking throughout my old posts, with some stupidities I've said and some good things as well and came across some bashing I did towards the CSS mainly regarding Andrighetto.....Looking good for me.... I did mention that Reway at #91 seemed too far....even if at one point I wasn't sure at taking it for us that high...Same with Grégoire who was far on CSS list....Didn't know at that time that in this one single post, I was talking about 4 future I also mentioned that it wouldn't be surprising to see McCarron go 1st round...even though if not that long ago...I wasn't too sure about that. Seems to me I was more intelligent in April that I was in September....and they say you are suppose to improve with age...

Seriously, if Reway can bulk up a little....I mean, he will be a serious player. With his talent comes a freakin great attitude, a winning attitude, a guy that wants to succeed. And when they are like that, they usually do. Makes me think of Pageau, Gabriel Bourque or our own Gallagher.
Thanks for the insights! Sounds like a perfect middle round pick - high risk, high reward

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