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09-09-2013, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
Ha. After all the little jabs at the CBJ and the stuff you have to say that's just completely wrong you finally got some things right. You pretty much prove that YOUR argument is wrong. YOU and some others say he fell into bad habits(that YOU say don't exist) playing for Columbus for so long. Then you say we're wrong for putting any blame on Nash for the downfalls because we lacked key components(DEPTH!?!..HEART!?!) that we got in return for...RICK NASH. Then, you say it's no surprise the team did better without him. That's says it all right there. For all those who say Nash has been held back by Columbus it can just as easily be SEEN that they were actually being held back by him. It being pure salary based or the fact they we're being "led" by that type of player its still on him.

Dude was a primary reason I started rooting for the CBJ and 1 of if not my favorite players up until people like you turned it into a Nash vs. Columbus thing. Even after a short year some of the Ranger fans are realizing what he is, while others like you are still in denial based on hope of what YOU think he can become. He's a good player, but he's soft and nowhere near a leader. These powerful moves you talk about driving to the net are against the Kris Russell and Erik Karlssons of the NHL.

Enjoy that decent near PPG season. Because I know myself along with every other CBJ fan likes our chances with Artem and Duby. Hitch and Torts are 2 of the more demanding coaches still in the league. The other thing they have in common is not a coincidence.
That or you could realize all those factors play a part in the grand scheme of things. A team that lacked depth and heart got three solid players in exchange for one and improved? You don't say?

We improved when we moved Gaborik for three solid players, so that right there kind of proves the point. Dorse is the only "heart and soul" guy we got, and he didn't even play for us for what six weeks. Your roster was weak, after the Nash trade it wasn't as weak. I really don't see how that can be denied.

We'll never agree and that's fine, I find it funny that you guys keep saying CBJ fans never said that, as if you have read every post by every CBJ fan. We all know their are outliers in each fan base, I explained myself half a dozen times and it's getting kind of old. See you guys this upcoming season.

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