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09-09-2013, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by EastonBlues22 View Post
Lehtera has certainly caused a lot of dissension in the ranks. A couple of things here:

First, this poll isn't related to the official HF prospect rankings in any way. Since we didn't lay any groundrules up front for what constitutes a prospect, then anything reasonable goes. If you think a guy is, or isn't, a prospect worth voting for...well, make your case. That's ultimately what this series is for, after all.

Second, I'm throwing these polls together in what little spare time that I have. If I what IA mentioned earlier in this thread about Lehtera, then I wouldn't have included him. I didn't know, and he's been around until now because it took that long for the information to come out. He'll be omitted moving forward. Apologies to 2MM and the other devout few who have been voting for him for the last 10 polls or so.

In other news, we currently have a tie. I'm letting this run another day or two until someone steps forward. If someone voted for Lehtera and they would like to change their vote, simply post a reply with who your new vote is and I'll factor that into the results.
Not a big deal. The polls served their purpose as we are about to have real things to talk about soon.

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