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09-09-2013, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
You seem to be the one that won't accept certain factors or look at the grand scheme of things. Hell, why'd you even feel the need to start this thread?
Because it's a hockey discussion forum, specifically a NYR hockey discussion forum, and who does Rick Nash play for? Oh that's right the Rangers, and what team am I a fan of? That's right the Rangers. Did I see both CBJ and NYR fans make a claim that Nash scored a lot of "meaningless goals" or "garbage time"? Yes. Did I decide when I had spare time to spend a few hours dissecting that, purely out of curiosity? Yes. Is that my right? Yes.

Out of all the threads on HF it's funny two CBJ fans have come in here and deemed it completely unnecessary.

Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
The reason you needed to make the Gaborik trade is because you lost your depth in the original trade and Nash(as you hoped, or still believe) didn't make up for it. I don't know what point you proved by saying you improved after the 2nd trade, because you didn't after the 1st. I also don't know where your getting the thought that we're saying NOBODY has said he scores "meaningless" goals. We're actually in here(along with some NYR fans) TRYING to tell you this.Your] very good(bad) at backtracking, changing your stance or subject, or just ignoring things overall.
The reason we needed to make the Gaborik trade is because Gaborik was playing poorly, Nash was playing very well and our team was underachieving, including but not limited to Brad Richards, and the depth guys we brought in to replace the depth guys we traded for Nash. The team was playing poor hockey from the get go, trust me I've watched them enough to know that it wasn't because Rick Nash was playing good hockey. Even Lundqvist wasn't playing at his best for a stretch, so we are going to blame that on Nash as well? He's one man, not a God even though that's what they tried to sell you in CBJ.

When did I change my stance on anything? I think it's been fairly clear since the beginning that I believe Nash is a good player, while not giving him a pass on everything. I am simply suggesting that possibly some people dislike him and have an axe to grind, both CBJ and NYR fans, and imagine that they are in this thread sharing their views and they sound strikingly similar, while more posters are actually giving him some benefit of the doubt.

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