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09-10-2013, 12:00 AM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Holy crap... I'm probably THE biggest proponent on the boards here (or one of the biggest anyway) that the Oilers should have taken Nichushkin over Nurse... Nichushkin will be an absolute beast imo in 1-2 years... 3 at the most.

Saying that though.. Nurse is a solid prospect and to say he won't be an NHLer for a minimum 5 years and possibly even 7... I think that stretches it too far.

That's basically saying he won't be a valuable contributor until age 23-25. I really don't know how anyone can make that evaluation accurately at this point. He's certainly raw, he's certainly a longer term project and it will take time but honestly he could "get it" and really start to fill out and play at a high level... competent enough for the NHL much sooner than 5-7 years.

As for the rest of the prospects... it will obviously take more than a couple games to get a feel for where they are headed going forward.

There was a lot of non-Oilers prospects in the game as well.. players that will never even sign a contract with the Oilers. It was basically a muesli mix of players from everywhere that generally had never seen each other before in many cases... never mind play with each other.

Sure it would have been nice if the prospects would have won a game and/or looked more respectable in losing but there have been many, many stretches where the "real" Oilers look like crap for 3 games (and sometimes a LOT longer as well )... and we know they aren't all crap on that team and not every player on the club is a write-off.

It could simply come down to players not having any chemistry, being rusty because of not having played in many weeks/months, being nervous and generally yes being less talented as an overall team.... but that's not to say that every prospect is complete crap and will never amount to anything.

It's absurd to think all is doomed based on any 3 game stretch with essentially no coaching systems other than... "get out there and skate and let's see what you can do" as that's essentially what MacT said... there wasn't a big emphasis placed on getting systems in place for the tourney... it was basically a series of pseudo-shinnies thrown together for fun just to see what type of players are in the Oilers system and a few other players they wanted to look at that they hadn't drafted/signed or even seen that often.
He said Nurse as a 20+min dman eating lots of top 4 minutes. I don't think it's unrealistic for him to not be there for 5-7 years considering how long most dmen take to develop. It's not like we're talking about Doughty or Pietrangelo here, Nurse doesn't play that type of game. I think he probably goes back to junior this year and next then possibly sticks on the team as a bottom pairing d man 2 years from now and works his way up somewhat slowly kind of like what we did with Smid.

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