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11-17-2006, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by melubsdonna View Post
this will sound weird.. but how do you flex a stick? How do you know if you need a higher or lower flex stick?
To flex a stick just lean on it causing it to bend, kinda simple but weird to explain.

The flex is mainly what you like, but the smaller you are the more flex you might want, like some posters mentioned they are 5'7 150 lbs or something, so a flexy stick is better because they dont have to put as much weight or power behind the shot to get a good flex. Now for someone heavier, example myself, im about 6'1 200-210 depending on my regimen, so for me it wouldnt be smart to use a 75 flex becuase it would snap like a twig, but a stiff stick would be better becuase i have more weight/power going into the shot. Does this make sence? kind of hard to explain. But this is assuming you use a one piece composite stick where you can get flexes like 75-110 or whatever they range from. Personally I use a wooden stick and couldnt be happier, Ive tried the one pieces before, TPS responce, Easton Synergy, and Mission M-1?(the blue mission composite, might be a couple years old) And my shot has never been better than with a good wooden stick, and Ive got a good shot!

Sidenote but how many of us actually bought the old Easton Aluminum sticks? what an invention thoes were, I had two of them, Big two piece aluminum stick with no flex...I still remember Wayne Gretzky sporting them.

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