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09-10-2013, 12:43 AM
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Champions Hockey League + Victoria Cup revival

Any news on the Champions Hockey League coming back? How about the Victoria Cup?

I have an interesting idea to make the tournaments more meaningful while involving the NHL in a meaningful way without cheapening the league or devaluing the Stanley Cup. Both tourneys would be jointly run by the NHL & IIHF.

Here goes:

Champions League: Have the Champions HL and run it every year, EUFA style. The way it was formatted before wasn't bad, but market it more to North America and make it the de facto European club championship. I would like to see the NHL involved thru cross promotion in NA and on NHL sites and networks.

Victoria Cup: Bring the Victoria Cup back, expand it into a mini-tourney and combine it with NHL European Premier Openers. Have a different large European city host the VC every year, make it a premier event with a championship feel, televised all over Europe and in North America. Give it the "winter classic" treatment & make it special. Before the VC was a meaningless tourney, but here's a way to make it meaningful and interesting for both sides of the globe. Have the Stanley Cup runner up and the Eastern/Western Conference finals losers, 3 top NHL teams, go to Europe during the NHL preseason to play some preseason games against each other, some exhibition games & more importantly, participate in the revamped Victoria Cup Tournament. Match the 3 NHL teams against the top 3 winners of the Champions League by having the SCF loser play the Champions League winner for the Victoria Cup, and match up the other 2 NHL teams against the #2 & #3 Champions League teams. The NHL teams then continue onto the NHL European Premier Openers like they have done in the past, putting on a show for European fans by playing a few regular season games. NHL teams get promoted to european fans and NA fans get to see Europe's best.

Benefits: Great way to start the NHL season in an exciting way! You give the NHL runner ups a chance to redeem themselves and represent their team/league in a meaningful mini-tourney to start the season. Plenty of exposure for NHL teams to European fans and vice versa for the European teams. Stanley Cup isn't devalued and is still the de facto top hockey trophy since winner is not involved. Meaningful competition due to top NHL teams facing off against top Euro teams instead of random NHL teams participating. Bragging right for winners!

Bonus Topic: Since we are on the topic of EUFA style tournaments, I would love to see the World Cup of Hockey return and to be played every 4 years, 2 years apart from Olympic competition, that way every 2 years we have a meaningful international competition featuring NHL players and top world players. The NHL could run the WC since the IIHF would run the Olympics. Would love to see countries host or co-host the World Cup to make it an event. Have it in places like England, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, United States etc.

Any thoughts, opinions or contributions to these ideas?

Edit: KHL would be involved in the Champions League. Champs League Trophy & Victoria Cup would be treated as secondary trophies, complements to domestic trophies such as Stanley Cup & Gregarian Cup, not supersede them. It would be in the spirit of friendly competition and a way to show the world that not only are you the best team in your league, but possible best in the world. Stanley Cup Champ would be excluded to keep the importance of that winner intact, the Stanley Cup runner-up would be playing in the Victoria Cup. Kind of like a consolation prize and a chance at redemption.

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