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09-10-2013, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Calad View Post
From the highlights for his goals it looked like he was getting open in the slot quite often, its a pretty good reason to have a high shoot%
I think his thinking process is just a notch above -- or maybe more like "ahead" -- most others in that tournament. Players like that will pick up easy pts. He took regular shifts against Giroux, Stamkos and co just 5 months ago. In the end, this tournament is what it is. It might add some confidence; give a few players a chance to get used to NA ice etc.; it might give fresh prospects a taste of a little higher paced game; when broadcast, it might give us a chance to watch kids. It isn't much more to it than that.

Guys like Lindberg, Fast, St. Croix and co are pretty well known to us. They are what they are, and nothing they do in this tournament like "should" have an impact of that. The bottom line for me is this, and its basically identical to what I would have said before TC:

-Lindberg got the smarts and a perfect attitude. He is a good hockey player. But how will his intensity hold up at the NHL level? Is he ready or not? This question is one that I am pretty sure that anyone from AV to Ulfie to Clarke and co asks themselves too.

Then in a 3-4 year perspective, where will OL be? His game has gone straight up on a month by month basis the last 24 months. If he keeps developing, can he do for us more or less what Travis Zajac does for NJ? Will he level out on the bottom lines? Somewhere inbetween? I think its wide open.

-Jesper Fast is a prospect who looked to good to be true up until he broke his leg, and has since come back and played well, but without that last dot over the i so to speak.

A young modern type who excells in more or less all areas of the game, while really thriving in a up-tempo game both with and without the puck.

One injury like that won't destroy a career, but he has had flu, knee and shoulder problems too during the last 12 months. He needs a continius period of time where things are going his way now.

Upside, he could step right into a group of players from Ryan Callahan to Carl Hagelin and become a very solid home grown player on a strong 2nd - 3rd line. Heck I would be dissapointed if he did not within 2-3 years.

But to have a decent camp and then go down to AHL and break his hand and be our for 3 months and come back and have hamstring problems for a month and then get the flu for teh PO's just won't do it. Thats the big questionmark re Fast.

-MSC is very nifty with the puck, and will struggle without it. Where will that put him? How fast can he catch up? Can he catch up? Some have looked at his stats the last year and maybe expected more, but stats from the CHL is what it is. We saw it with Thomas and we see it with MSC and we will see it many times again. You need to watch the player first and foremost and put his stats up against that. Some will hold up other will not, for MSC its a longshot and the jury is still out.

-Kristo has had a good tournament. But from the little I've seen, the big issue for him is to play on a 2nd or 3rd line against much better competition. I mean, Sam Noreau will play to the dot the same game in the pro camp as he did in TC. He will do the same things, against better players yes, but still the same plays. This is not the case for Kristo. He can play one way against those D's on Minny's rookie team but when its McD, Staal, Girardi and co he faces in the corners, he will have to play a completely diffrent game. Jagr in his prime and a few others, if you get what I mean, plays like Kristo does in TC in the NHL.

This is not a knock on Kristo. But going from a Jagr in his prime of the NCAA to a Jarret Stoll or Kris Veersteeg in the NHL, or someone like that, is a big step to take. Can he take it and how long will it take?

-Yogan, I need to see more of him. From the little I've seen, all I can say that in general it is tough to get into the NHL for types like him. To put it like this, if you have a 6'2 200lbs young D, who moves your feet well, got a good attitude, is solid with the puck, it just seems like a matter of time before they grow into the NHL game. With a John Moore, its little "magic" involved for example. Its more of a process and when having gone through that process the kid finds himself in the NHL. But with a player like Yogan, what is the USP? Will it be enough?

In the end there are many players in his mold outside the NHL, and far from everyone get in even if they do there part and comes along well.

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