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Originally Posted by newerabegins View Post
I did 4 sets, not many reps because my legs are still getting used to squatting and I'm still perfecting the technique.

First set: 8 X 35 lbs on each side
Second set: same
Third set: 6 X 40 lbs on each side
Fourth set: same
I dont know. If you really want to see results why dont you do this.

1st- No bar. 10x deep squats.
2nd- bar (45lbs)- 10x deep squats
3rd- bar+25lbs ea. - 8-10x
4th- Bar+35lbs ea. - 8x
5th-Bar+45lbs ea. - 4-6x
6th- repeat to max.

Then go reverse. go back down to 35lbs or 30lbs. next set do 20-25lbs. Next set do 10lbs. Next set just bar. Next set do the bar again.

In between sets. Mix up between jump rope, push ups, body weight squats, high jumps and kicks. Do crossovers stationary and high knees.

Then thats one work out. A good one.

Then move onto something else. If your legs are still getting use to the work load, switch over to bench.

But a full body work out isnt just going to the gym and doing a lot of differ workouts. Its doing the work outs that involve multiple joints and muscles at once. Squats are great. Change up 2 days from now and do it again but this time do front squats.

Squatting is a basic movement. Its called- Sitting down and getting up from seated position. So there is no reason for your to still get the right form down. if your not using the right form after a day or two practicing, then I blame the weight your using. I would suggest you stick to the low weights but MOREEEE REPS. Make your legs killllll. Not just sore or tight. Make them pump!

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