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Originally Posted by the_pen_is_mightier View Post
Just by reading this alone, I wouldn't recommend going straight to a composite. As much as most would like to think that they're better shooters with one, it's simply not always the case.
Yes, they're technologically advanced, however, they're usually of benefit to experienced players, i.e.; those who already know how to shoot a puck.
I'd recommend a good wooden, or wood/fiberglass combo, stick to start off. And go with a mild curve, nothing too extreme to start off.
Shooting requires lots of practice, and there's a good chance that you'll break a stick or two. Would you want it to be a $200 one? Also, at first, you'll shank many, many shots, even if you have a high-end composite, and then what? It just proves that the stick wasn't worth it...yet.
You're a beginner, so use a stick more suited for beginners. Use the higher-end sticks when your game is at a higher-level.

Just some advice...but if you are stuck on going with a composite, the information already posted is very informative.
Definitely good advice. What are some of you guys favourite wood stick?

For me, I kinda like the Nike-Bauer Flexlites. I'm using a Flexlite 8 with normal flex and a Naslund curve right now, though I though the Flexlite 10 has a better feel to it. The CCM Vector 40 is also nice, but its blade feels a bit flimsy compared to the Flexlite.

Have also heard good things about the Easton Z-Carbon and the Sherwood... forgot which one that is. The 6 or 9000 series with the Crosby/Coffey Curve.

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