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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Yeah, I'd basically never get CI again if I didn't have DirecTV. I ended up moving and dropping TV entirely so I'm doing GCL this year and we'll see how that goes. I should be able to output the video from my laptop to my TV via HDMI cables and pretend it's almost hte same thing
Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I had CI on FiOS here in Pittsburgh last season and it was alright, but not worth the money unless you can park yourself in front of the TV and watch tons of hockey. I'd much rather have Gamecenter because at least then I can watch it on my phone or tablet, as well as on my PS3 with the app (though the PS3 app is pretty lousy).

Going to give ************* a shot this year. It has XBMC support, so I can use my HTPC which is nice. They also have an API suite, so I'm going to tinker with that and see if I can do anything clever.
I've done the streaming to my TV through HDMI before with GCL, and it worked pretty well. I picked up a Chromecast at launch, so now I'm eager to see how well that will work for me. If I can wirelessly stream from my laptop to my TV and still maintain halfway decent HD picture quality, I'll be ****ing thrilled. And the nice thing with Chromecast is that you can stream what's open in one browser tab to your TV, and then just open another tab or window and continue to use your computer. It's all bandwidth permitting, though...we'll see!

I also like GCL on mobile devices. Nothing like whipping my phone out at a kid's birthday party or something similar to pass the time watching a hockey game! I tried the PS3 app a few years ago, but it was pretty much garbage. I had a great connection but there was frequent buffering and fits and stops. Hopefully they've tightened that up a little.

Hockey Streams has a mobile app for Android, though to be honest, it sucks. Only about half of their streams will work on it and there's a bug where every stream will start from the beginning of the broadcast, even if you're tuning in mid-game. You can just load the stream in your mobile browser and go full screen, though, which actually works incredibly well (even on 4G). Still, it would be nice if they could provide a fully functioning mobile app.


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